Brent Johnston

LOVING people.  WOWING clients.  CHANGING the practice of law.

I have always known I wanted to do something for a living that allowed me to help people.  After considering teaching, family counseling, and even medical school, I decided to become an attorney.  Since graduating  with honors from law school in 2009, I have been so thankful for this decision and the incredible opportunities I have had to help people.

After spending 8 years working for wonderful law firms, I was extremely excited to begin serving and representing clients on my own terms.  I love people, and I love to use my knowledge, abilities, and resources to help others succeed and overcome challenging circumstances.   


My commitment to you is that every decision I make and every recommendation I offer will be motivated by a genuine desire to help you in every way possible.  I will be honest, informative, and aggressive while I do everything we can to help you.   I can't wait to get to know you and to help you thrive and succeed. 

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